MEN’S SNEAKERS: What to wear this summer

The summer is finally here! It’s time to kick back, relax and finally enjoy that glorious sunny weather. Despite the inevitable promise of times by the beach we know the summer time can sometimes be a stressful time, especially when you’re not on top of what’s in this year and what’s not. Thankfully we are here to lend a hand and hopefully propel you in the direction of a carefree and stylish summer experience.

We’ve thrown together this short article with a few great ideas within the realm of men’s sneakers to keep you in the loop this summer.


At the top of our list we’ve got these lightweight runners. A good pair of these will last you a year or two. Their light weight makes them perfect for the summer. A nice bright, white pair will go with just about anything!


Next on our list we’ve got the notorious throwback sneakers. These babies will never get old. A good pair of old-school vans will, without a doubt, keep you on trend and looking great this summer. There is something very special about wearing sneakers from the past.



Next, we have the Castaner Espadrilles, the ultimate chilled-out pair of shoes for this summer. Light,
comfortable and stylish these bad boys are on to a winner regardless of your fashion sense, perfect for them strolls by the beach in the glistening sun.



Finally, we have the simple white canvas converse that will, let’s be honest, never NOT be in style. A good pair or white cons will last you the whole year and go with just about anything, and we mean anything.


Whatever you opt for this summer, make sure you stay on trend and continue looking and feeling great!

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