Essential Shoes For Every Man’s Wardrobe

Throughout the entirety of his life, a man will own literally hundreds, some even thousands of pairs of shoes. Shoes catering to many different occasions, ranging from a cheap pair of slippers for around the house to a several hundred pound pair of Ralph Laurent shoes specifically purchased for his wedding day. Despite the vast amount of shoes a man will acquire throughout his lifetime, a recent study suggests that the average man will only ever own around 12 pairs of shoes at any one time. So we decided to put together this short article and attempt to present some of the best shoes that we think are essential and that’ll hopefully fit into your 12-pair wardrobe.

Understated Sneakers

We thought we’d start with the understated sneakers. Every man needs a pair of plain white understated sneakers. These babies will stay with you for years. Used to be you could only wear them off duty. Now? They’re perfect for the office, the bar, the weekend, the…well, you get it.


Throwback Sneakers

Next up we’ve got the infamous throwback sneakers. By this we mean the likes of your old-school vans etc. There is something very special about wearing shoes from the past. They’re called classics for a reason. A nice pair of Vans will be in style for years to come so we feel they certainly deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

Gym Shoes

An essential in everyone’s wardrobe, no excuses. To maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle a pair of running shoes should be a necessity. We recommend a nice pair of Nikes of Adidas running shoes. The good thing about investing a slick pair of running shoes is on occasion you can wear them out. With a nice pair of jeans and plain T-shirt, running shoes can bring your look to life.

Smart Black Shoes

Depending on your occupation, these might be a regularly worn shoe in which case we suggest two or three different pairs but if, like me, the ‘Smart Shoe’ comes out rarely for birthdays, weddings and court cases (we don’t judge) then we recommend a simple pair of black cap-toe Oxfords. These will work with the majority of suits and just about any shirt. Like these ones in particular? Check out this sneaky Schuh Discount Code and save yourself a bit of dough.

Smart Casual Boots

Next up is the pair of casual boots, and to be honest is actually quite controversial. If you’re the kind of man who enjoys long hikes around the countryside these are for you! We suggest the Beckman Round Boots and the reason being, bot only do these boots do the job intended but they also look great. They look so great many have adopted them into their everyday style wearing them at all sorts of occasions.


A pair of these will see you through the summer months when the weather starts getting a bit to intense for, you know, normal shoes. These lightweight stylish Espadrilles look great with a pair of shorts or even a pair of light rolled-up jeans for going out in those humid evenings. I would always recommend having a pair in your wardrobe, even if your only use is the five days of summer we get a year.

And last but not least…



No man should be forced to ponder his own castle in barefoot. Age 5 to 50, it doesn’t matter,  we believe the almighty slipper should be an essential in every man’s wardrobe throughout the entirety of his life. So there you have, 7 must-have shoe styles every man should own!

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