MAN’S WEDDING GUIDE: Summer & Spring Eddition

Whether it’s a wedding, a job interview or maybe you just want look a wee bit smarter today, there is an array of smart shoes that every man should have available in his locker. We know there comes a time in a man’s life when he goes from a boy to a man and with that is expected to suddenly have the appropriate footwear for a smart event such as a wedding. So whether you have a wedding on the way or you are just simply getting prepared, we’ve put together a few ideas as to what to wear on your feet on your next smart occasion.

First up we have this strong look for a spring wedding. This grey suit combination with brown Hudson shoes is an amazing look for any wedding in the spring time. Unlike in the states, the spring time over hear is still a cold affair so we recommenced a grey turtle neck jumper with this look to keep warm over your lengthy wedding affair.

So, what about a summer wedding? We think just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean a T-shirt is inappropriate. See below:




We believe a T-shirt can work with a nice suit in the summer months. It looks unique, stylish and during the hotter season, practical. For this look we recommend a brightly coloured suit jacket like white or bright grey combined with a dark navy T-shirt. as for the shoes we would suggest a nice brown pair of Grenson’s to complete the look.

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