Top 3 Men’s Gym Shoes

So you’ve had your time away from the gym. You can feel yourself making all the wrong gains and it’s at last time to put an end to the madness. It’s time to get back on the horse, power through and become the man you once were. We know sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation and discipline and to keep your gym routines consistent. We’ve done a bit of research and a proven way to inspire more gym time is to purchase new gym gear. Having new gym-wear brings the mindset of a fresh start and encourages you to hit the weights more.

So we’ve decided to put together this short article with some of the best in men’s gym sneakers this year to hopefully bring some inspiration and get you back working toward greatness.

First up we’ve got the very sweet looking, UA Charged Ultimate 2.0s. At first glance these sneakers appear slightly chunky and just a bit too big to do the job. These initial thoughts were swiftly revoked once we gave them the test run in the gym. Every lift felt smoother in these. The extra cushion leaves the user feeling extremely comfortable unlike many similar shoes. 4/5 from us.


Next up we’ve got the very slick Asics Convictions. These shoes, despite their slim look are actually the heaviest of the shoes within this review which we found helped significantly with stability. Also 4/5.



Finally, we’ve got the Minimus 20v6s. These are without a doubt our favourite of the three. These roomy yet extremely lightweight pair of sneakers felt great and offered support from start to finish offering stability and comfort throughout our whole gym session. 5/5 from us.


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